Entorno is a sans serif variable type family intended for use in signage systems of urban and virtual spaces. It was designed to fit the formal requirements of wayfinding signage, public transportation systems, maps and simulations. Conceived with a generic and universal look, Entorno seeks neutrality, as well as a conceptual balance between the geometric and humanistic. As a variable signage font, it is constructed with a multidimensional approach. Entorno is equipped to be responsive and adjustable to its context of use, and is also capable of compensating for possible problems of legibility. It does so by varying its weight, width, contrast, and perceived focal length. Entorno’s 28 instances are generated from is variable format and encompasses the italic, stencil display, and pictogram series. The Entorno family is completed with the Roadmark 0m and Roadmark 30m styles. These variable styles take the distance between the road marking and the viewer into consideration for a more legible experience.

Gen Ramírez


Gen is a typeface designer, graphic designer, calligrapher and sign-painter from Guadalajara, Mexico. His strong interest and passion for brushes and letterforms led him to graduate from TypeMedia at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague as well as completing both Type@Cooper Extended program in San Francisco and Condensed in New York. He teaches calligraphy, sign-painting, and type design workshops and leads Letrastica Festival, a conference in Guadalajara. With strong roots in an organic approach to letterforms, his work focuses on embracing both the analog and digital dimensions of design. Gen runs the type and graphic design studio Dual Type with Zrinka Buljubašić.

Entorno Typeface Family, chart of styles

Entorno, bicycle pictogram

Entorno, various styles

Entorno, character set

Entorno, OpenType features in use

Entorno, OpenType features chart

Entorno, arrows, enclosures and labels

Entorno, pictograms

Entorno, text examples using compresed and condensed styles from hairline to black weight

Entorno, text examples using semi-condensed and regular styles from hairline to black weight

Entorno, text examples showing wide and extended styles from hairline to black weight

Entorno, text examples showing italic and stencil styles

Entorno, layout mockup showing regular, bold and italic

Entorno, layout mockup showing regular style

Entorno, layout mockup showing title in stencil style

Entorno, various styles

Entorno, texture showing character with a progression in its weight and width

Road signs samples using Entorno

Map of Berlin Subway (U-Bahnmap) using Entorno

Wayfinding mockup usin Entorno styles

Airport signs using Entorno

Entorno styles overlaped showing outlines and points

Diagram showing the reference planes or scenarios for Entorno as a responsive font

One of the main points of exploration in Entorno is the dynamic and interdimensional relationship of typography with physical and virtual spaces. Likewise, I tried to visualize and question the idea of static typography and its interaction with the observer and to present a scenario where typography could be responsive and adaptable.

In this sense, three considerations were presented to aid the direction of the design: A) The font needs to adapt in width and weight B) The font, depending on the relative distance of the observer, can be stretched in its vertical dimensions without perceived modifications in its stem widths and horizontal strokes. C) The font can adapt each characters weight and width, according to the observers viewing angle and distance, to solve possible problems in legibility.

Design features to improve readability

Design features to improve readability

Technical considerations for interpolation

Adjustmens in Entorno Roadmark to compensate perspective distortion

Diagram of Entorno Roadmark showing variations by distance

Comparison between Entorno and Transport

Comparison between Entorno and Transport

Process Notes

Entorno conceptualization

Entorno early sketches

Entorno Roadmark's early sketches

Sketching variations of Entorno

Entorno's sketching

Entorno's sketching

Entorno proof sheet

Character set proof

Entorno proofs

Perspective distortion proofs

Screen shot of Drawbot's code from the script to calculate perspective distortion

Entorno's specimen

Entorno's poster for the final exhibition

Entorno Roadmark seen from a distance of 15m

Entorno Roadmark seen from a distance of 5m

Shadows of Entorno letters painted on the windows

TypeMedia 18 exhibition room

Gen's TypeMedia desk at the KABK